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La Plaga

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La Plaga
La Plaga
Nickname La Plaga
Real Name ?
Nationality ?
Age ?
Role ?
Personality ?

La Plaga is one of the Characters in Ghost Recon Wildlands. He is one of the members of the Santa Blanca Cartel.

He is the underboss for security and brother of El Muro. Throughout the game he is described as a social character posting videos and images of his wealth and executing innocents. When you have defeated two buchons El Sueno becomes annoyed and orders el muro to kill him. El muro refuses and attempts to smuggle him out of Bolivia. He can be found in the basement of the main house. He will drive down a tunnel in which you pursue him to a outpost. La Plaga has to be killed in order to complete the mission. This mission starts the war between El Sueno and El Muro.

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